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XVII Tagung der Deutschsprachigen Sektionen der EAFP vom 3. bis zum 5. Oktober 2018 in der Schweiz



Deutscher Fischereitag 2018 in Lübeck (28.08. - 30.08.2018)



International Symposium on Maritime Safety and Security Applications - June 13-14, 2017





Fortbildung: 3rd international INSECTA Conference 2017; 7. und 8. Sept. 2017 in Berlin



 EIFAAC Symposium call for papers



Percid Reproduction Workshop, 8-9 March, Ireland
Board Iascaigh Mhara (BIM) from Ireland, in conjunction with EPFC, are holding a stakeholder meeting in Carrick on Shannon, Ireland on 8-9 March 2017. The purpose of the meeting is to allow for discussion on a range of issues surrounding Reproduction in Percid Culture. The meeting will be informal and conducted in boardroom style allowing for interaction between attendees on a range of topics of mutual interest. Attendance is free to EPFC members but limited to 30 attendees. The meeting is specifically targeted at individuals or companies actively involved in percid research or production. Please register your interest by email to before January 30th. Find the full workshop programme here.

EPFC Workshop 2017, 17 October, Dubrovnik
The 2017 edition of our annual EPFC workshop will be held on 17 October in Dubrovnik, Croatia in close conjunction with EAS annual Aquaculture Europe conference. The preliminary workshop title is: "New skillsets in Percid Fish Culture" and will pertain to the latest achievements in skills and competencies required for successfull percid fish culture. We are inviting the whole network to contribute suggestions for presentations and workshop-topics by sending an email to at your earliest convenience. Registration for the workshop is also open from now on. As every year, participation is free of charge for all AE conference and trade show delegates.


EPFC Workshop 2016 summary and presentations
It took us a bit longer than usually, but we have finally managed to summarize the outcomes of the 2016 EPFC Workshop held in Edingburgh. The following link contains the agenda, abstracts and the download-links to all workshop presentations. Opens external link in new windowThe EPFC workshop 2016 summary is published now here.



kurzes Update der laufenden EIFAAC-Aktivitäten



Information zur IGB Besatzfisch Veranstaltungsreihe



EIFAAC Projects

EIFAAC Project on Aquatic Invasive Species in Europe, Manager: J. Caffrey (Ireland), .

The project develops processes and provides guidelines to support member states in addressing the threat and reality of aquatic invasive species, using best international processes and practice.  First report on the EIFAAC Occasional papers, and the second conference “Freshwater Invasives – Networking for Strategy (FINS-II)”, 11th to 14th July 2016.

Monitoring the Performance of Fish Passes; CEN standard. Manager: Emma Washburn (United Kingdom),
The purpose of this proposal is to develop and publish a CEN standard for monitoring fish passage solutions.

EIFAAC Project on Developing Advice on Sustainable Management Actions on Cormorant Populations, Manager: P. Heinimaa (Finland),
The project will develop the elements for sustainable management actions on Cormorant populations on pan-European level.

EIFAAC Project on Downstream Passage of Fish at Hydropower Dams, Manager: Kieran Mc Carthy (Ireland),
The project will collect and publish information from different approaches of the design of downstream migration methods and constructions in different countries.

EIFAAC Project on Development of Guidelines on the design of nature-like passes Manager: A. Zitek (Austria),
The purpose of the project is to produce a guideline for the design of nature-like fish passes to restore connectivity for the benefit of biodiversity and fishery.

EIFAAC Project on Welfare of Fishes in Aquaculture, Manager: H. Segner (Switzerland),
The aim of the project is to prepare a statement including recommendations of EIFAAC to this topic.

Joint EIFAAC/ICES/GFCM Project on Eels, Manager: Alan Walker (United Kingdom),

The project provides regular updates on the latest advances in eel stock assessment and science and to develop a means of post-evaluating the outcome of implemented management actions on the whole stock. To contact the EIFAAC rep on the EIFAAC/ICES/GFCM Eel Project please email


Other EIFAAC Activities

The EU Water and FACCE JPIs pre-announce the upcoming call for transnational collaborative research projects: “Sustainable management of water resources in agriculture, forestry and freshwater aquaculture sectors”

EIFAAC has been working in the preparation of the call by working as adviser in the Stakeholders Advisory Group. EIFAAC contact:  The indicative total available budget amounts to 26M€, subject to the successful negotiation of the WaterWorks2015 ERA-NET Co-fund with the European Commission. The call is expected to open on 16.02.2016 with a closing date for pre-proposals on 19.04.2016. More information:

Pre-announcement of the EIFAAC Symposium 2017 - EIFAAC acknowledges Poland for arranging next EIFAAC Symposium 2017 and the 29th Session. The tentative topic of the symposium is:  “Adaptation of Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture to Climate Change” and the tentative dates June 2017. – More information will follow.

List of upcoming conferences - In the end of February EIFAAC, together with the World Fish Migration Platform, EIACC started regularly publishing a list of upcoming seminars through EIFAAC Focal Points, emails and web-pages. This will be done also in honor of Phil Hickley, who passed away 2015, and was the caretaker of the list.

EIFAAC support to World Fish Migration Day - EIFAAC is a supporter of the World Fish Migration Day 2016. The World Fish Migration Day a one day global-local event to create worldwide awareness on the importance of open rivers and migratory fish. The day is celebrated 21.5.2016. More information: